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I’ve been one of the best young coders in Russia

And the best social worker / insurance agent / fundraiser in Russia

Superstars such as Sergei Brin, Justin Bieber, Pavel Durov, The Wolf of Wall St., Jim Jarmusch, Kyle MacLachlan, Mia Wasikowska, Liam Neeson, and many more went there to meet me personally

I do all kinds of math, programming, analysis, planning, data science, system administration, digital marketing, sales, training, portfolio management, design, and communications

Honest, hard working, experienced, sophisticated, immediately available, talented, competent, great references. I’ll help you build a more profitable business.

Interests: knowledge, science, visions and strategies, big math and programming, ergonomics and biomechanics, environments and infrastructures, psychedelics, insights, media production, meta inventions, creativity, design & trading

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