trust, substance: I try to talk only when I'm 98% sure
communication: The most ethical decisions are made in companies of eight,
environment: Two-story garden cities with clear squares for people to become superstars
contracts: How you legalize anything - 1) A public figure says smth is impossible w/o smth 2) Social & political movements start 3) Cultural movements start 4) Documents are being prepared
contracts: Lawyers are only good for putting words the way people don't put cats in microwaves. They are court's consultants by definition. So turn to smart contracts
values: Scientists must have courage
masses: The logical consequence of the seizure of property is a terrorist attack. The logical consequence of Ponzi work is riots. The logical consequence of limiting human freedoms is mass murder.
skills: Above all, speed reading
contracts: Use open patents & licenses. The US gov patents were quoted, but gov patents were about new technological processes & required tens of thousands of dollars for the same protection + useless military. All gov certificates were murder certificates too. Open licenses are the best. Nobody ever screwed with them. Better use them than not to make it easier to distribute your work. Any unwanted copies? Contact distributors. And no one steals any ideas now. But if something died, something must return
senses: Treats for eyes are gonna increase their value. Treats for mouths - decrease in comparison. Treats for ears - spread in the moment. Treats for noses are gonna bifurcate and set smellstages (like soundstages). All senses will mingle
skills, senses, communication: Voice comes from your whole everything, not from your throat. Free your throat and never put any stress on it. Resonance - inside your head or electronic - is a free tool to improve your voice possibly 1,000,000 times. When going high, work with your whole everything. When going low, work with your whole head. Vowels carry consonants. Loudness? Doesn't matter for beauty.
communication: Friendship is about getting in touch at least once a year. Most people prefer money as birthday gifts. 15% more each year
communication: Are you a woman on the street or a man in a restaurant? Say hi first. In there are two women and a man, women decide. If there are two men and a woman, the one with the woman decides. Talk to those who decide even when answering others' questions. A man better ask his woman to greet new women if they're of lower level. A man better greet new women himself when they're of higher level.
communication, masses: Communicating with the same people over and over is unhealthy. It brings tyranny. Sympathy > friendship. Non-communicating brings force from the further past to make people talk. To talk to each third seems the best.
environment, values: The main goal of any corporation is to ensure the freedom of movement of all associates. The word corporation means the acquisition of a body.
communication, environment, values: We do acquisitions & consolidate markets based on our knowledge & values.
skills: Read while lying & move as little as you can
communication, substance, medium: The medium is the message. McLuhan. Telegraphing and praying are maybe the only things left to do. Berdyaev? Ditch everything but the substance. No more than two sentences in a message! Headlines carry 50% of the value now.
communication, substance, medium: As little clicks or other traumatic inputs as possible. As much info as possible.
environment, medium: Tech is mostly about visualization that is about planning as in city planning - of production of what's around.
environment, ergonomics: Work on feet
communication, environment, ergonomics, substance, medium: Plug and play
communication, medium, trust: Read what you are being adviced to read
communication: Twosomes are never better than threesomes
health: Rub not scratch
communication: SUPER
communication: COOL (as ice)
communication, skills, environment: Schools and universities are a total shame
communication, environment, masses: Random walking in crowded cities has ethics to it cause ~8 men are around, which is perfect, and data travels fast
health, communication: Seeing random vs same people is healthier for your brain
communication, substance: Be curious, ask about hard things and Why
communication: Disturb and unavoid. Share on
communication, substance, environment, values: You are only working 9/5 to not arrive to your place of work one day
health: Chill & wet feet are 70% of the causes of colds
health: Wear expensive (silkworm) underwear
substance, skills, communication: Your real education is your ability to use all that you have
senses, communication, medium: Human brain can only get two voices at a time
health, environment: 17dC / 63dF is the best temperature to sleep
communication: Curse in the media and get -27% viewers with incomes restoring back to their previous level in no less than two months
values, communication, substance: Show the best the world has